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Business Administration, B.S.

The bachelor of science degree in business administration prepares students for leadership roles in management and marketing in both domestic and international business, and public and nonprofit organizations.

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Program Overview Course Descriptions Internship Program Academic Roadmap (PDF) Four-Year Course Sequence (PDF)
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Business Management, M.S.

The master of science (M.S.) in business management is a career-oriented program designed to instill the skills and knowledge essential for effective management practices in today’s globalized economy.

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Program Overview Course Descriptions Academic Roadmap (PDF)
  • Overall Buffalo State GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Complete English 101 (CWP 101)
  • Complete English 102 (CWP 102)
  • Complete math requirement (Qualitative Reasoning - IF Program).

    The following courses will fulfill the math requirement:

    Math 103 Introduction to Contemporary Math

    Math 122 Elementary Math from an Advanced Standpoint II

    Math 126 Calculus

    Math 161 Calculus I

    Math 311 Introduction to Probability & Statistics

    Math 110 (or equivalent) Intermediate College Algebra & Trigonometry

    ECO 305 Economic Statistics

Once the above requirements are met and you would like to declare Business Administration (0425) as your major, you must complete a Change of Major form and a Business Administration (0425) Program Sheet.

The Change of Major form must be signed by the Business Department chair and then taken over to the Registrar's Office, located in Moot Hall 210. The Registrar's Office is where the official change will be made. The processing time for the Change of Major form is typically 24 hours.